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Hullo, my Pixels!

I always seem to find it quite difficult to think of 'interesting' facts about myself when I actually need to think of it, so I'll keep it short and do five facts.

5 Facts About Moi //
  1. I LOVE Dr Marten boots. I currently own nine pairs, which may sound a bit crazy as it's the same shoe just in a different pattern or color, but they're honestly the best shoes I've ever worn.
  2. Even though I'm a cat person through and through, I love pugs too much. I have so many things in my room which have a pug face on, I think it's the closest I'm going to get to owning a pug for many years yet.
  3. I'm a nerd at heart - I realised this even more so when the other day completing a sudoku made me really happy. What kind of 18 year old is like that?!
  4. I love messing around with things on Photoshop. I used to do it a lot more for a website years ago, where I'd make graphics and 'edits' for people, which was just a fun, self-taught skill.
  5. My wardrobe mainly consists of dresses now, where as only about a year ago I never even owned one dress! I don't even find skinnies comfy anymore; I never thought I'd see a day where I wasn't in a pair of skinny jeans!

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  1. Lovely post, it's good to get to know some unique things about you! I love pugs too!

  2. It's not much, but it's what came to mind. And yay, another pug lover! :3 ♥

  3. Nine pairs of Martens is crazy - I don't own any but I love the look of them. And you gave me hope for amping up my dress game in the future! Great list :)

  4. Ah, you with Doc Martens is what I used to be like with Converse. I've decreased my collection though as I'm taking a more minimalist approach to life recently.

    Also, I relate to the jeans. Although my reason is because my body has changed totally in shape and when it comes to jeans comfort is key and skinnies are not comfy anymore! In fact most jeans aren't. I was thinking of going down the dress route myself...
    Bits & Bobs

  5. I love Dr Martens but I don;t own as many pairs as you though haha .

    I am a cat person I have 3 but if I had my own way i;d have a house full of them hehe xo

  6. I don't think I've ever paid full price for a pair, even I think that price is ridiculous, I prefer the older pairs anyways. It's definitely possible though, dresses can be great when you find the right one. c: ♥

  7. They're absolutely brilliant! I've got three cats aswell, but we might be getting a new kitten soon. c: ♥

  8. I quite like Converse, too, but I only wear the ones with zips on the side instead of having to tie the laces every single time (super lazy). My body shape is the main problem with skinny jeans, too. I prefer high-waisted jeans, but it's so difficult to find interesting pairs which are long enough as my legs seem to be too long for the normal lengths in shops! :c ♥

  9. awww I need a kitten haha . I love animals I need more I just got two baby guinea pigs too xox

  10. Ohhh, I miss having guinea pigs, they're so cute. :3 ♥


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