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I'm sure you're all absolutely dying to know what anecdote of personal embarrassment I'm going to tell in today's Blogtober post. Now I look back on it, what happened was quite funny, but at the time I found it so terrifying. There's probably loads of other, more embarrassing things which have happened to me over the years, but this is the one which has stuck with me and immediately jumps straight to mind.

The Swimming Pool Toilets //
As the header suggests, this story takes place in my local swimming pool toilet area. My dad and I had decided to go swimming that day - I can't quite remember how old I was, maybe between 6 and 10? After swimming, you go through to the toilet/shower rooms to clean off, wash your hair, all that jazz, and then you go through to the changing rooms. I don't know whether this is how it works in every public swimming pool, but certainly in mine.

Obviously my dad and I are different genders, so we have to go to separate showers and toilets; this immediately scared me because I was so used to going with my mam and following her about everywhere, I never had to be anywhere by myself at the swimming pool before. We decided to meet back in the changing rooms afterwards, I just needed to wash my hair through with some water and go to the toilet. This is when it started to go downhill...

I washed my hair like normal, and then decided I really needed the toilet as your bladder always seems to feel weird after swimming (I still have no clue why that happens!). I pulled the slide over to lock the toilet stall door, did my business, but then when I tried to exit, I couldn't open the door. When you've been swimming, your skin is so saturated and wrinkled like a prune, that you can never seem to get dry. I was trying to dry my hands with the toilet roll to get enough grip on the door slide, but I couldn't as the paper was just ripping apart in my hands and not actually drying anything, which is when the panic set in, as well as embarrassment. I didn't have a clue what to do, after wrestling with the door slide for ages, it just seemed like I would be stuck in the toilet forever.

It was super embarrassing though, as even shouting to someone else 'Help, I can't open the door to get out' embarrasses me! I was trying to see whether I was still small enough to slide under the bottom gap on the gross floor, but ofcourse I wasn't. Luckily, some lady with her daughter had heard me panicking, and I think she even saw me trying to get out underneath, so she asked if I was alright. I definitely wasn't, and at this point I was even crying out of stress and really wanting my dad to be there.

She was so helpful and ended up having to get the pool staff to come and break me out of the toilet. Embarrassing or what?! So eventually, the pool staff came to my rescue, armed with a screwdriver and a strong man to physically break the door down. I was so embarrassed from actually getting stuck in the toilet, but the crying didn't help, either. My dad actually saw the staff go past with the equipment, and I'd been quite a long time, so he had a feeling that it was probably me stuck in the toilet. Sigh. He found it hilarious when I came up to him crying from being stuck in a swimming pool toilet. I certainly didn't then, but I appreciate now that it was quite funny.

Although, it took me a few years to actually lock doors again, I had to get mam to hold public bathroom doors shut for me as I was so scared of getting stuck again. Even now, I won't lock a door if it's too stiff or looks like it could definitely get stuck.

Helene in Between Blogtober

I hope you enjoyed this slightly embarrassing little tale from my childhood, even though at the time I was terrified!



  1. awwwwwwwwwwww bless youuuu.

    It was a little funny though I have to admit but I still have a fear of this happening to me now haha I avoid public toilets all together now and the pools toilet floors always seem extra disgusting though don't they ?

    I noticed you called your mam "mam" are you from the North East ? lol I am xxx

  2. Pool floors are the worst! I don't mind toilets in restaurants and stuff, but I try the locks out first. I'm much better than I used to be though.

    And I wish I was! A friend of mine years ago was from Wales, and she said 'mam' one day and I loved it so much, so I just stole it, but funnily enough I only write it as 'mam', I don't say it out loud. XD ♥

  3. Aw that's so cute! I always have that panic that the lock will get stuck. I seriously have no idea what I would do

  4. I get more worried if it's the kind of toilet which is in its own little room so there's no gap underneath the door or anything, so you're kind of screwed. But it'll be okay! :'D ♥

  5. Lol... This is hilarious! I love how your dad "knew" it was you that was probably stuck in there. Hehe thanks for sharing, you sure have me a good laugh this morning :)


  6. Aw right haha I thought you may have been near me. I say and write mam :)

  7. Sadly not, I'm just an imposter. I wish I had the accent for it though! XD ♥

  8. I know, he's just so used to me being the one who's done something stupid. But you're welcome, thank you for the lovely comment! c: ♥


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