The Purple Countess

Hullo, my Pixels!

I actually discovered this nail varnish in a fellow blogger's post; Katie over at Katie Louise wrote a post on her favorite Autumn/Winter nail polishes which you can read here, and wowwww, so many different colors! I also really loved the Models Own nail varnish in Absinthe, but sadly my Superdrug doesn't have that color in stock anymore, so I'll have to order it online but it is seriously beautiful - worth checking it out.

As soon as I applied the first coat, I could tell this was going to be a winner. Barry M is my favorite nail varnish brand to use because of their ease to apply and this did not disappoint. The color is completely opaque in two coats, which surprised me as it's a textured nail varnish; usually any polish which even slightly resembles glitter takes a few coats to be the same, solid color all over.

I love the name 'Purple Countess', it's absolutely perfect for the deep, dark shade of purple this nail varnish comes out as. The lighter flecks of almost pinky lilac tones, as well as gold really bring this color to life, and give it that Autumn seasonal feel. Surprisingly, even after applying a top coat, the texture still comes through as a slightly bumpy, but not rough feel. I really liked the change from a completely smooth nail varnish. The top coat I personally like to use is the Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat as it does a very good job at protecting my nails from staining, as well as chipping - plus it's currently on sale at Superdrug for a super cheap price, which you can buy here!

You can buy the Purple Countess nail varnish online from Barry M for £3.99, or you can find the range in your local Superdrug store for the same price, although Superdrug do 3 for 2 deals on Barry M products quite regularly.



  1. Thank you so much for the mention in your post! I am so glad you liked it so much to purchase one of the colours. It looks beautiful!

  2. No problem at all! It was seriously just too beautiful my head was like '...I need this now'. XD ♥

  3. Nice. I love the color! Gotta try this!


  4. I'd recommend it, it's seriously amazing! ♥


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