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I feel like this was a really good prompt to just dispel any held back anger you may have collected during October, because ranting about things people, but not about anyone specific, always seems to lift a weight off of my shoulders. I'm not typically a very moan-y person, but the occasional, contained rant every now and again seem to be quite healthy. Even deciding what the proper way to pronounce 'rant' is can inspire a huge heated debate between people!

5 Annoying Little Things //
  1. People who talk over others: I honestly get so annoyed at people who do this because I feel like it's extremely rude, and I don't know why people can't just wait their turn.
  2. Plate scrapers: This may seem a bit weird at first. You know when you're eating and there's sometimes one person who sounds like they're also trying to eat their plate with the amount of noise they're making? Yeah, those people. The noise of cutlery on ceramic plates sends shivers down my spine - I think it has the same effect on me as scratching fingernails down a chalkboard does for other people.
  3. Inconsiderate supermarket shoppers: Now, a supermarket is a place FULL of annoying people doing irritating things, but I think the worst is when someone puts an item back in the wrong place because they no longer want it, even though the correct place might be right next to them. I used to work in retail, so I know from first-hand experience how frustrating this is, and how much time it adds to tidying up at the end of the day!
  4. "No offence, but...": I still don't understand why people bother even saying this. If anyone starts a sentence this way, it's clear that they're actually going to say something offensive towards you, so why bother? Silly people.
  5. Phone addicts: In today's world with all of the technology, it probably isn't surprising that some people have almost an unhealthy 'relationship' with their phones. For example, what's the point in going out with a friend, partner, whoever, but then sitting there on your phone about 95% of the time. As well as this, people at concerts with phones really grind my gears. For the life of me, I can't understand why someone would pay money to pretty much watch the gig though their phone. Several times I've considered 'accidentally' knocking their phone out of their hand because it bugs me that much!
Helene in Between Blogtober

Whew, now all of that is out of the way and off of my chest, why not go check out Day 21 of Blogtober, where I talk about travelling?



  1. I agree with all of those haha I especially hate packed shops and inconsiderate people who think they have more of a right than you haha especially when it comes to que jumping. And when people say "no offence but" they are clearly been offensive but are trying to cover it up. I also hate it when people say "I'm not been funny" thats common one around where I live ..

  2. Hahaa, I agree on everything! I can't wait to start writing this post, I know it's going to make me feel so much better after!

  3. This post made me giggle! I agree that it's so frustrating when people speak over others - it can be so inconsiderate at times! Hope you're having a fabulous week so far :)


  4. The 'no offense, but' point is just me! I hate it when people do that!

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  5. It's almost preparing you for whatever clearly offensive thing is about to be said! ♥

  6. I'm glad it did! People always seem to be able to relate to that one, seems a lot of people can be a bit rude. But thank you so much. c: ♥

  7. It's almost therapeutic as you're not actually moaning about one specific person. c: ♥

  8. Queue jumping can be annoying, especially as I'm the type of person who finds it difficult to actually approach people who do that. Ohhh, the 'not being funny' one is another one, doesn't make any sense at all! ♥


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