Shopping in Brighton

Hullo, my Pixels!

I don't think I've ever returned home from a quick break away with so many shopping bags. I bought about half of the stuff on one day, half the other day, but my arms hurt soooooo much. The things we do for shopping, hey?

Looking back through it all now, I definitely came home with things I didn't expect to buy. I thought I'd come home with loads of new clothes and no where to put them - but instead I spent the majority of my money on homey/food bits and pieces and only bought two dresses (which you can read a post on here). I also went a bit crazy in my first ever Lush store visit, so I put that as a separate 'haul' type post as there was just too much!

Roly's Fudge £7.60

If you're a fudge lover like me, then you'll absolutely love this shop! At Roly's Fudge, they cook the fudge in massive, and I mean absolutely humongous pots right in front of you as soon as you walk in. Now if that doesn't tempt you, I don't know what will. I got four/five pieces of different fudge in the bag, and then bought an extra surprise box to keep and open for my birthday. Pretty tasty, I have to say. Some of the flavours included: cherry bakewell tart, rum & raisin, butterscotch and lemon meringue.

Rocky Road Lolly £12.99

My cousin sent me on orders to buy her something from Choccywoccydoodah, so ofcourse I just had to buy something for myself as well. This 'lolly' is probably one of the most difficult things to eat politely and not look like a savage in the process. I assumed, being rocky road, it'd just be marshmallow, biscuit and cherries, but I was so wrong. The stuff I found included honeycomb, pink and white marshmallows, fudge, some chewy nougat type stuff, aswell as pink and white coconut ice and jelly beans! I think my favorite was either the chewy nougat or the coconut ice, very yummy indeed.

Tribalik £34.00

I stumbled across this little jewellery shop, Tribalik, and I initially intended just to buy some new dangling silver earrings as they had some unique pieces, but I came out with two new plugs/tunnels aswell - woopsies! I thought the dragonfly earrings were cute, I really like the chunky design, and then I just couldn't get over the toadstool earrings when I saw them. The toadstool earrings are a bit heavy, but I don't care because they're just so cool looking, and I've never seen anyone with a pair of toadstool earrings before. The tunnels were quite expensive at £10 each, but I thought they were nice and they're made out of real wood and stones, so worth the extra money. I won't buy another pair this expensive though, I usually don't bother, they were just such a pretty blue.

Tiger £12.10

I absolutely loved the shop, Tiger! Cute, novelty things like this are really up my street (even the bag was adorable). Elephants are probably one of my favorite animals, so as soon as I saw the tape dispenser, I never put it down again, I had to have it. I will find a use, when I really need to tape something! The touch screen pen for my iPad was just one of those things I'd be wanting for a little while and never got round to buying, so I took the opportunity to grab a simple one whilst shopping in here.

Then, I went a bit moustache crazy. I've seen a lot of these jar type glasses around and I finally picked one up, as well as the moustache straws which I'd seen everywhere for god knows how many years. I really expected this shop to be more expensive than it was, for example the moustache jar glass was only £2, which is an absolutely bargain! My mam wished that I'd bought atleast one more, maybe next time. I did also buy a wooden effect little storage unit of different sized drawers to keep my very few make up products in, tiny hair bands, things like that, but I totally forgot to take a picture of it!

Evolution £20.00

As I mentioned before, elephants are one of my favorite animals so I just couldn't pick between the elephant sun catcher or the wind chime, which resulted in me getting both (sigh). I really loved the multicolored elephants and they're hanging in my window - they have a lovely sweet wrapper crinkle pattern when the sun shines through them.

The blue windchime is such a pretty piece; blue/teal is one of my favorite colors, which is why I fell in love with this one. I love all of the different sized beads and the copper wiring. I kind of wish I had somewhere better to hang this, other than on my wall, dangling off of my fairy lights, because I never get to hear the chimes. It really seems to fill a space on my wall though, and it looks very pretty indeed.

Sea Life Centre £10.00

These purchases may seem very random, but I actually nearly bought an ice cube tray in Tiger, decided against it, then I found this turtle one at the Sea Life Centre. How cool?! My mam filled it up the first time, and didn't fill it up with enough water, so on the first attempt I had um... shells and a head, basically. My turtles lacked limbs. Learning from this mistake though, I made sure there was enough water in the tray and then I had cute turtle ice cubes, yay!

Okay, now this one probably seems a bit more random. I'd been going on and on and on about these toys for months because I couldn't remember what they were called and hadn't seen any since the 90s, but I found one! According to the label, they're called 'water snakes', but I don't think I ever called them that when I was younger. I just find them really fun to play with every now and again, and this one has cute little fishes and turtles in it floating around.

Royal Blood Vinyl £14.00

Any other Royal Blood fans out there? I'm pretty sure there are, they've become so popular recently. My dad wanted to go in this shop called Cult Hero and look at the vinyls, when my mam found this and knew I wanted it. I was so excited though, because this had only come out the day we went in there, or the day before, so I was like 'Yes please!' This sounds extremely amazing on vinyl compared to CD or anything, and I find it amazing how it's just the two of them in the band - bass player and drummer, that's all. They sound great, and I really love this album when I wanna feel a bit badass.

Hyperbole and a Half £11.00

Now for the final purchase of the trip - Hyperbole and a Half. One of my English tutors first introduced me to Allie Brosh's blog which my friend and I just found hilarious, especially 'The God of Cake' - I seriously recommend you go and read that post! It was disappointing when I saw the website hadn't been updated for a couple of years, but that's because she'd been working on producing the book form of her blog, and I had no idea! She's even wrote another book with all new stories in, so I'm super excited to eventually buy that. I bought this from Dave's Comics which was a really cool shop for any book/comic lovers, and they must have had thousands of different comics. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Hyperbole and a Half though, it was almost fate!

I'd love to hear what your favorite shops are in Brighton or even from your hometown - I'd happily revisit Dave's Comics and have a proper look around, as well as go back to Tiger and buy a lot more 'homely' bits and pieces.



  1. A great, and varied, haul. Although I've been to Brighton many a time, I've never ventured to Choccywoccydoodah - I know I'm missing out! Love the dragonfly earrings. I always come back from Brighton with food and jewellery!
    Bits & Bobs

  2. Love this post! I want to visit Brighton so badly!

  3. Christina Langner12 October 2014 at 16:25

    I love a good shopping trip feels so nice to come home with so many bags :-)

    Much love xxx

  4. It did definitely did feel good! Although it was a struggle getting them home because our car isn't exactly 'luggage friendly'. ♥

  5. Thanks! I'd definitely go when you get the chance. c: ♥

  6. You definitely have to go, even if it's just for the experience of the shop itself! It is hidden away though, it took us quite a while to finally find it in all of the little alleyways. I think I come back from anywhere with a lot of food though, I can't resist. :'D ♥

  7. You got some lovely bits! I've never been to Brighton I'd love to visit

  8. It's a really lovely place, I'd recommend it to anyone! I prefer it over London, just because it's busy but not quite THAT busy. c: ♥

  9. Alistair Douglas Brian Petch12 October 2014 at 21:14

    sommer do you know if you can those straws around the lynn area, if not may i have one :3 xD

  10. You probably can, I've never looked. They're online everywhere though. c: ♥

  11. everything is so cute, i'd love to visit brighton one day!


  12. You've got to go one day, make it your mission! C: ♥

  13. Oh looks like I need to visit Brighton one day very soon. We don't have any cute shops like those around here it;s so not fair. Love the stuff you bought especially the jewellery. <3

  14. I wish we had more cute places where I live, too. We used to have a really sweet gift shop, but it closed. But thank you very much, it's cool, isn't it? c: ♥


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