Purrfect Parrots

Cat dress - Purplish
Parrot dress - Shikha
Dragonfly earrings - Tribalik
Watch - Swatch
Bracelet - Pandora

Hullo, my Pixels!

You can probably tell from the full-body photos how awkward I felt taking these photos, as it felt very weird posing in front of a camera in my back garden all by myself, but I really wanted to include these dresses in my first outfit post.

Whilst I was away in Brighton, I stumbled across this clothes shop called the Fashion Temple; they do have a website, but it's currently under construction as of when I'm writing this post. I don't think they have their own range of clothes - from what I saw every item was from somewhere different, so I can only assume they gather dresses and other clothing pieces from several different brands elsewhere. I must have tried on about ten dresses in total (I went a bit overboard) but I only bought these two at £19.99 each. I didn't realise until afterwards that they were both animal themed. I think the animal lover in me was secretly happy though as it makes a change to find decent printed dresses which suit me.

I think I'm going to rename the cat dress my crazy cat lady dress, especially as the cats on the dress match the color of two of my kitty cats. The dress itself is a very unusual shape and style for me. I've never owned anything with a loose, rolled turtle neck style collar, nor have I ever worn a dress which was so tight on the lower half. I'll admit, the uniqueness of the neck style and the cat pattern definitely won it over for me - maybe the fact it was teal, too, which is my absolutely all time favorite color. Plus, the pockets! I think any other woman would understand how rare it is to have sensible pockets on an outfit, especially a dress. Practical and awesome looking, if I do say so myself.

The parrot dress, however, was more my usual style. Tight-fitting around the waist, with a pleated skater style skirt on the bottom half. This is definitely more of a summery evening type dress, as the material weighs basically nothing. Compared to the cat dress which is a super thick, almost woollen jumper material, it just feels a looks a lot more... swishy. I feel like that word suits it, as I did find myself twirling the skirt half round a lot.

My accessories aren't anything special; they're just my normal, everyday items to wear. I also bought the dragonfly earrings whilst in Brighton. Sometimes, I just like to wear some silver dangly earrings to make my plain steel tunnels look a bit more interesting and fancy. If anyone wants cheaper Dr Marten boots, eBay is the place to look. All of mine have come off of eBay, and I've got... nine pairs now and saved myself a ridiculous amount of money. You can find similar of both of these pairs on there usually. The green 'monkey boot' style ones are extremely rare though as we discovered they're from the 70's/80's original English factory, but there's now new boots in a similar shade of green.

I hope you enjoyed my first outfit/fashion post and come to love these dresses as much as I do; I definitely got quite a lot of compliments on my dress when I wore it out. Everybody should have some type of animal print design item of clothing in their wardrobe, such an easy way to make a statement on a day out!


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