Product Inspection | Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick 'Kiss of Life'

Hullo, my Pixels!

I finally decided which shade to buy after many weeks of deliberating - so today we're looking at the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in the shade 'Kiss of Life' #111. I don't actually wear much make up at all; sometimes I wear a little bit of eyeliner, other times it'll be mascara, but that's the only two, so trying to commit to a certain shade of lipstick was a tough decision. I noticed that the shade I bought actually matched the red tube, which I thought was pretty cool.

First of all, I really like the packaging of the Matte range of Kate Moss lipsticks compared to the normal Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipsticks - the red tube with the contrasting black band around the middle is a lot more exciting to look at instead of just plain black. The simple detailing of Kate's signature in black and Rimmel's crown logo stamped on top all add to the look of their branding.

When swatched on the hand, the color comes out slightly darker than in the tube, but once on the lips it's a very vibrant, true red. Once I'd applied it to my lips, I really felt like this is my 'Hollywood' red.

Rimmel claims: 'Make the Ordinary Extraordinary Sumptuously Rich Matte Colour with a sublime comfort. Ruby Powder enriched formula. Intense velvet colour all day!'

I'd agree with the rich, matte color. With one swipe you've achieved the true color, however it is possible to dab on and blend in with your finger if you want a more subtle wash of color. I'm not sure whether this is because I'm not used to wearing lipstick, but the comfort levels definitely change. Sometimes my lips seemed slightly dry compared to usually, but that could just be the texture of any type of lipstick on my lips as I'm not used to the feel.

Just using the lipstick alone lasts quite a long time and doesn't fade, but if you eat anything it'll come off easily, and leave you with a red 'clown' style lip line. It also transfers to other objects, so you have to be careful about that. I'm yet to try it out, but using a lip liner of the same color all over the lip is likely to prevent the fading, or atleast make the color fade more evenly.

I'm just so glad I've finally managed to find a lipstick color which I feel comfortable wearing and I believe it suits me (especially with the matching red shirt). I've struggled for so long trying to find the perfect color, and I'm definitely happy with this one, especially because it's matte.

I'd love to know your opinion on the Kate Moss Lasting Finish range of lipsticks from Rimmel, or if there's any similar products which you prefer over these!

PS; I'm going to start posting on Sundays as well as Wednesdays as much as I can, so look out for that this Sunday!



  1. I own at least 6 of these by Rimmel! I haven't seen this one though. Guess I will be looking for this next.

  2. One product I never wear is lipstick, it just seems like too much hassle for me over a balm or a gloss... So basically, it's my laziness. I hear a lot of good things about this particular collection though and they are well priced so it would be a good starter place if I were to give lipstick a go.

    The colour you chose for yourself looks lovely, and really compliments your complexion. Great pick!
    Bits & Bobs

  3. For some reason, it's the only lipstick out of the whole range which has a name on the tube. I have no clue why though! I'd love to be able to wear more shades from the range, but I'm still a bit cautious. c: ♥

  4. I was exactly the same! I still prefer to pick up my Baby Lips lip balm over a lipstick, if I wear anything at all, especially if I just want a subtle wash of color. That's what won me over though. I wanted a matte lipstick and the price wasn't that bad for the quality, so I thought I'd give it a go. But thank you very much! :3 ♥


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