Lush, Glorious Lush

Hullo, my Pixels!

I'm quite late to the Lush party, but I'm so glad I finally got to visit and buy some things (by some things, I mean probably too many things) and it was just so exciting. Although I did get quite overwhelmed on the first visit, and had to go in again a couple days later whilst in Brighton to do a proper shop. The smells and whole atmosphere are fantastic - the staff are so friendly, and all the other shoppers seem just as excited as you are! I'll put links to the products on their website just in case you feel like you need something, or want to check out the ingredients a bit further.


Now, these lip scrubs are the main reason I wanted to go to Lush in the first place. The Bubblegum one was what I initially had my eye on, but now I've got them, I actually find myself reaching for the Popcorn one more. Each of these only have around 6 ingredients in, the main one being normal caster sugar. I find them really quick and easy for exfoliating my lips, and at £5.50 a pot, you can't really complain because I can see these two lasting me a metaphorical life time! I'd recommend the popcorn scrub if you like a salty butter taste, where as the bubblegum scrub is a lot sweeter, although I find myself pretty much eating either of them.


I haven't actually used my tester of American Cream yet, but from what I've seen/heard it's a really good conditioner. It smells lovely, so I was quite disappointed when they didn't have any in stock when I went. The smallest bottle of this costs £4.50. I've tried I Love Juicy, and I definitely love juicy! I thought £5.50 was a lot for the smallest bottle as I usually only pay £1 or £2 for my shampoo, but this is lasting so long. I have extremely thick, medium length hair and I barely have to use any of this to get a really good lather compared to the amount I use of other shampoos. I love the smell aswell, and it keeps your hair smelly fruity for the whole day.

Both of these really intrigued me as I'd never seen anything like a solid shampoo or conditioner before, but I felt like I should give them a go. Godiva is advertised as a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, even though on the website it only says it's a shampoo bar. The scent is extremely strong, which is probably the hibiscus extract in it, but I quite enjoy it, although I know my dad hates the smell after I've used it. It might seem expensive at £6.75, but I honestly see this lasting me for a longggg time, especially as it lathers up so nicely. Not sure whether it's the most conditioning, but I can never tell with normal 2 in 1 shampoos anyway.

Jungle also has a very strong scent, but the figs and avocado are a lot less toned down compared to Godiva. The scent really won me over because it smelt so amazing, and the pattern was unique and interesting, but I'll admit I was a bit disappointed by the actual conditioning this bar is supposed to do. I don't think a conditioner bar is right for me with such thick hair, it makes it so difficult to try and coat every single strand of hair, so I probably wouldn't buy this again over a liquid conditioner, especially at £3.50 a bar.


This body butter reminds me of blackberries/blueberries so much. Honestly, it's my favorite scent in Lush so far, I couldn't stop sniffing it in the shop! You Snap The Whip has such a soft, melty texture even before you add water. I love using this after shaving to soothe my legs, or to just make them smell incredible. If you don't like things with large, scratchy bits for exfoliating and softening your skin, I wouldn't recommend this, but I absolutely love it. For £6.50, I'll definitely be buying this again and again when I eventually run out (which will be a long time in the future) as it's just so lovely.


I haven't used either of these bath bombs yet, but I know Think Pink is a Lush classic bought by many for £2.65. I can't wait to use this because the flowers look so pretty when they're released from the pink mist into your bath to float around - very girly!

Phoenix Rising is a little bit bigger and more expensive at £3.35 but you could probably cut it in two pieces if you wanted to. The color of these looks like such a beautiful, rich purple color and I think I'll prefer this to Think Pink, especially with all of the glitter.

FUN may look a bit weird as a bath product, but I really love the idea surrounding this as I'm still a child at heart. I haven't used any of this yet, mainly because I don't want to ruin it, but the simple vanilla scent will be very calming and subtle compared to most of the other things I bought as they're quite strong and overwhelming. I think it's great that for £5.00 you can have so many different uses for this product, it doesn't just do the one job, and you can create loads of awesome little creations before actually using it as it's like plasticine.

Bubble bars are probably my favorite product because unlike bath bombs where you just get one use, bubble bars can be used several times to create a lovely bath, so are way more worth your money. I had to buy Dorothy because if you can't tell already, I absolutely love rainbows and it's a cute little rainbow for my bath! It's a slightly cheaper bubble bar at £3.25 as it's a little bit smaller, but you can still use it for more than one bath. The color was a bit weird, as it just came out as a pale green color, but it smelt pleasant enough.

The Comforter is a bigger bubble bar and costs £4.75 but this is my favorite out of the two. As the name suggests, the fruity scent really is super comforting! As soon as I picked it up in the shop, I knew I had to buy it because it just made me so calm and happy. Makes the bath a lovely, vibrant pink color, too, so it's a general winner all round.

I couldn't resist buying one of their cute little round Lush tins for £2.50 to keep my Godiva bar safe and sound when I'm not using it. I also bought it so I would always have something permanent from Lush when everything else eventually runs out, as well as you can keep anything in these little tins, not just Lush products.

When we got home, my mam and I realised I probably needed a basket of some sort to store all of the products I bought, as well as keeping them protected from the sun which can apparently damage them if exposed for too long, so we bought this pretty teal woven basket to store them in and it works a treat. I'm so happy I finally got to visit Lush after waiting so long, and I'm pretty sure I'll be making a big Halloween/Christmas order soon to last me next year! Do you have any favorites from Lush, or any recommendations?



  1. I've never actually used any Lush products, despite really wanting to.

    When I think of Lush I think of bath bombs, whilst living in London I only had a shower and no bath. Now, living in Wales we have a bath but no Lush nearby - sods law eh. I know you can buy it online but it isn't the same as having an in store experience. One day...

    All the products you purchased look great!
    Bits & Bobs

  2. It took me long enough to try them because I really wanted to go in the store and experience it all, too. I think it's definitely something you have to be in person to buy because you need to smell all of the different scents and feel them to see which ones you actually like.
    I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment, because I really want to buy some of their Halloween/Christmas products, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to go in a store before then, so I'm thinking about risking buying them online and just hoping I like everything! ♥

  3. We have Lush stores here in Australia and there is one about an hours drive from me. Next time I go down I plan on stocking up!

  4. I think my nearest Lush store is about an hour/hour and a half away, aswell. I've never actually been to that before, even though I've been to the city where it is plenty of times. ♥


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