Haircare Advice Fails

Hullo, my Pixels!
Haircare is something we all seem to struggle with at some point or other in our lives, whether you suffer from greasy or dry hair, split end problems, dying failures, the list continues! This is just a quick list of supposed 'tips' which were meant to help your hair, but hindered mine more than anything.
  1. "Don't dye your hair a lot" I'm not sure whether this is just me, but whenever I dye my hair it actually feels so much more healthy than it did before, even though it's meant to ruin your hair, especially as I've bleached my hair several times, too. No matter what type of dye - whether it's temporary, semi-permanent or permanent dye, it still leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft and in better condition afterwards.
  2. "Air-drying your hair is better for you" I assumed this would be so much better for my hair as it reduces the amount of heat you apply to your hair, but nope. First of all, my hair really doesn't have a very nice style if left to air-dry, and then it becomes all knotted and tangled, even after brushing it loads. Ofcourse I use a heat protection spray when I dry my hair - I usually switch between the Got2b Guardian Angel and the Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray.
  3. "Brushing your hair ruins it" I tried this one out for a little while to see whether it could be true at all and ofcourse it wasn't! Not brushing my hair results in a very knotted, almost matted mane of hair which becomes so unmanageable and unruly; I don't see how anyone could leave their hair unbrushed.
  4. "Straightening your hair burns it and dries it up" Properly protecting against the heat prevents this from happening. I actually find that straightening my hair every now and again - not every day like I used to, improves its condition remarkably! The heat removes any knots or tangles, as well as de-frizzing my massive halo of frizz, which is always a bonus.
Hopefully, you've found this post useful or at the least interesting. I'd love to know if you've shared similar experiences to me, or even that some of these fails have managed to work for you!


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