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Now, I'm not a very superstitious person; I don't believe black cats are bad luck, nor do I believe that certain objects can be lucky, but for some reason there's always been one thing I've believed in and done since I was younger, which involves crossing your fingers.

Superstitions... //
When I was younger, I think I was reading a magazine (or something similar) where it had a page of things you could do to try and increase your luck, or 'guaranteed' tricks to make something come true. Well ofcourse, being young I wanted everything I possible could alter to come true, so one in particular stood out to me. Supposedly, crossing the fingers on your left hand and saying what you want to happen beginning with 'I wish...' would make it come true. Now, there were several occasions this did in fact work and I was starting to believe I was some sort of witch.

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To this day, I still do it when I really want something to happen, even though I'm at the age where I know the things which came true only happened by chance, not because of me crossing my silly little fingers.


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