Covered in Cats

Hullo, my Pixels!

I hope you're all doing well, and I'm definitely not trying to kill you with the following cuteness in this post - I swear. I don't quite get how some people refuse to like cats. They've always been a big part of my life, but I also really like dogs, too, I've just never owned one before. Cats are so much less hassle to look after as well! I just fancied doing a more personal post by featuring my four little kitty cats, especially as we recently got a new one. Prepare yourselves for the 'awwwhs' which you're sure to say after seeing these photos.

Splodge is my baby. He's one of those cats who sometimes acts like an actual human baby instead of being a cat. I came home from my nan's with him one day when I was younger without even telling me parents, so obviously he caused quite a few problems, but he is the most loving cat you'll ever meet. His owners couldn't keep him as they were moving into a no-pets allowed rental - how could I not bring him home with me? My parents think he's kind of ugly, but I think he's the cutest cat in the world!

Douglas basically treats our house like a hotel for when he wants to visit us; he spends the majority of his time outside, who knows what he gets up to. He's a Persian cross, which explains his fluffy fur, and he definitely has the typical Persian temperament, even though he behaves more like a wildcat! One of his eyes is a bit... funky. We're not sure what it is, but it doesn't affect his eyesight, so hopefully it doesn't bother him.

Believe it or not, Gilbert is in the cat-equivalent of the childhood stage. He's ridiculously huge! It's a combination of his super long, thick fur, his big body and then just extra fatness. He weighs around the 6kg mark, when the average cat weighs about 4kg. He's a bit of a beast! He's a mummy's boy, and meows like crazy when my mam walks in the room. He is quite adorable though, despite his mammoth proportions.

The newest edition to our cat family. Isn't she just the cutest?! I think I have a weakness for any type of baby animal though, I just want to squish them all! We travelled an hour in the car just to pick her up, but it was worth it. Although, when we bought her, she was male, so she's had a bit of an identity crisis. Her little white toes, white chest and completely white back legs make her look even cuter, and she really does have an amazing personality. D'awwuh.

I'd love to hear about your pets, if you've got any, or even what your dream pet would be. I've always wanted a pug, but cats are so much less hassle. Maybe one day I'll become a proud pug owner, and not just have tons of pug-covered homeware items (not obsessed)!



  2. Cats are just the cutest, aren't they? c: ♥

  3. I LOVE CATS hehe .

    I have three cats Mason. Scarlett and Laylah . Laylah looks like the little kitten but she has white paws. I also have 3 guinea pigs Finn, Jake and Bmo .


  4. Awhh, they all have such cute names. :3
    I used to have guinea pigs many years ago and I really wanted to get them again because they're so adorable. ^.^ ♥


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