White Pearl Lady

Hullo, my Pixels!

I recently ordered quite a lot of nail varnish from Superdrug - naughty. I just wanted the Models Own nail polish in Absinthe, but it turned into another six Barry M polishes, not sure how! I did save £10 though, as they were on offer 3 for 2, but I also had a few points on my Beautycard to use. I'm featuring these two specifically today as I found myself reapplying this more than once in a row, so I know I love it.

When I first got these nail varnishes, I wasn't sure whether I liked them as much as I thought I would, which at first was disappointing. But now the Winter months have grown upon me, both Mist and Lady feel so perfect. There's something so wonderful about the cool, almost iridescent blue, reflecting the dull Winter sun. I'm so glad the combination of the two polishes looked great (in my opinion). I'm not sure whether or not I could carry off the textured Lady polish on an everyday basis as it's quite striking and glamorous, but as an accent nail it looks so beautiful; it really adds interest to the Mist shade.

I simply painted my nails with two to three coats of Mist and then added another two to three coats of Lady on top of the specific nail. Sadly, neither of these colors are a one-coat wonder, but what can you expect with such light shades? They still come out beautifully, and it does give you a lot more control over the intensity of the colors.

Also, can I just mention about the Silk range from Barry M? I wasn't sure about this range when I first saw them in stores, but I had a quick Google of some of the shades and I fell in love! I know I'll be purchasing more as soon as I can possibly justify it, especially the shade Poppy. The finish is almost pearlescent, but it looks so soft and it's just lovely, I can't recommend them enough.

You can buy Mist and Lady for £3.99 which is the same price as a lot of Barry M nail varnishes. I also have a previous post about another textured Barry M polish here!



  1. Looks stunning love the baby blue . xox


  2. It's such a beautiful shade, especially in the silk finish. c: ♥

  3. Lady is such a beaut of a polish, I have it as well! It's literally a match made in heaven with Mist!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  4. Ohh lovely colours! I haven't bought a new nail polish in aaages, really need to pick some new shades up :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. It's lovely! I might wear Lady by itself when it becomes a bit more Wintery, but they're both amazing. c: ♥

  6. I'd really recommend some of the Barry M Wintery shades, they're absolutely lovely nail varnishes, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money! ^.^ ♥


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