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Hullo, my Pixels!

This is going to be the first part of a four post-long series dedicated to my jewellery collection for my beloved stretched ears. I understand stretching your ear lobe piercings isn't to everyone's taste - I've definitely had many a grossed out reaction to mine, but you get used to it.

I'm currently at 16mm (5/8" for any of you who measure in gauges/inches) in both ear lobes. I originally only intended to go to 6mm, but then that increased to 8mm when I found some lovely spiral stretchers in an alternative clothing store called the Rock Collection which is based in Norwich, England. I don't quite know how I ended up at 16mm after that, but I'm definitely sticking to the size I'm at now, I'm finally happy with it. I could never understand before stretching my ears how it could become so addictive, but my god it definitely does!

Now, without further ado, I shall commence with the photos of all of the tunnels I currently own, as part of my ear jewellery collection. I'll be writing about them in size order, as there's quite a lot of differences sometimes between how tunnels appear, even if they're the same size. The majority of my tunnels have been bought from a local, independent store, but I will provides links for the ones from different websites so you can check out their other jewellery!

16mm || 5/8"

Left photo:

  • Double flared white and black marble tunnel - made from solid acrylic plastic. It's nice to know that each tunnel made with this design will be different due to the marbling effect.
  • Double flared blue silicone tunnel - used this to actually stretch my ear up from 14mm to 16mm as silicone is soooo easy to stretch with. You just fold it up, pop it into your ear and let it expand inside the pierced hole. Much more slower and pleasant process compared to spiral or taper stretching.
Right photo:
  • Double flared steel eyelet - I've currently been wearing these for a longggg time now, nearly forgot to include them in this post when taking the photos! Personally, I really like surgical steel as it's a solid material, very easy to keep clean and because it's double flared, you don't have to worry about losing o-rings or the back of a threaded/twist tunnel, they just stay where they should do.
10 mm || 3/8"

  • Surgical steel eyelet - this eyelet is single flared, so has an o-ring on the back to secure it in place. The surgical steel makes it super lightweight, so it's pretty comfortable to wear.
  • Threaded blue and black marble tunnel - this tunnel is slightly different to the others mentioned so far, it's two separate parts which you have to screw together once they're in your ear. I don't like these as much as double flared tunnels, just because the back part can sometimes fall off if it's not screwed on tight enough.
8 mm || 1/3"

  • Threaded green and white tunnel - same as the blue and black tunnel previously, it's just a smaller size. Also the acrylic plastic is translucent instead of opaque which almost makes it look UV.
  • Surgical steel eyelet - exactly the same as before, but again it's just a smaller size. I really like the simplicity of surgical steel eyelets, if you can't tell already!
  • Threaded rainbow steel tunnel - I really used to love the color of this tunnel, but the steel is extremely heavy in my ear as it's such a chunky piece of jewellery, so it started to weigh my ear lobe down when I was wearing it.
  • Threaded green 'sawblade' tunnel - the jagged edges create a sawblade/ring of fire image, which I really liked at the time. The translucent, acrylic plastic is lightweight, too, so you barely notice it's in your ear.

6 mm || 1/4"

  • Threaded solid color tunnels - I bought an orange and a green one of these; I thought the colors went really well together. Made of solid acrylic plastic again, so super lightweight.

I hope you guys enjoyed this collection post! I just thought it'd be a nice way to showcase my plug collection as they're all shoved into a tiny box, so even I never see them. That's the only downside of stretching your ears, you can't wear the smaller sized ones again unless you downsize. Part two will be coming soon, where we'll look through all the plugs in my collection!


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