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Fabulous Magazine comes with The Sun newspaper for free, so whenever my parents randomly buy The Sun, I have to have a look through Fabulous. Usually I come across delicious-looking recipes whilst reading, but this time a very handy article caught my eye. Anything to reduce stress in my life is always worth a read, and I definitely needed to share these tips and tricks because they're super duper handy!

FEET TREAT To break in new leather shoes, just pop on a pair of thick socks before putting your shoes on and blast with a hairdryer on hot for a minute or two until the leather softens. Keep them on until the shoes cool down, and they should be a lot comfier than they were to begin with.

SPEEDY CHILLED BOOZE Can't wait any longer for a cold drink? Wrap up your drink in wet kitchen towel and put it in the freezer to chill at super sonic speed!

SCRATCH-FREE SUNNIES Mix one part water and two parts baking powder in a small bowl until a paste forms. Gently rub the paste onto any small scratches on your sunglasses lenses with a cotton wool ball, then rinse and repeat if necessary.

LOST & FOUND I always seem to lose small objects like bobby pins in my bedroom, but they just disappear into the carpet. Simply put a pair of tights over your vacuum cleaner nozzle before hoovering and you'll be able to collect any little things you may have misplaced.

FORGET THE CORKSCREW Remove a cork from a bottle by taking the foil wrapping off of the top, then place the bottom of the bottle in the heel of a sturdy, flat shoe. Tap the base of the heel against a wall a few times until the cork naturally works itself out.

LIGHT IT UP If you ever find yourself in need of light when lacking mains electricity, but happen to have a phone handy, position the lit-up screen of your phone under a bottle of clear liquid. The liquid refracts the light in all directions, creating a bigger, brighter beam.

SPAGHETTI MATCHES Candles in tall glass vases can always be an awkward problem when you want to light them, but can't manage it without burning your fingers. This is when spaghetti comes to save the day! Use the dried spaghetti as a firelighter to light the candle - it acts like an extra long matchstick.

JEWELLERY DETANGLER Pass necklaces through straws to stop them from tangling when you're travelling. If chains do manage to knot, a quick spritz of WD-40 will help loosen them.

PHONE CHARGING - EXTREME STYLE Airplane mode saves your battery, whether you're on a plane or not, but if you turn airplane mode on whilst charging your phone, did you know it'll charge your phone twice as quickly?! Very handy if you don't have long to charge your phone and it's almost out of juice.

50 SHADES OF TAN Milk is a self-tanner's best friend - it's full of naturally exfoliating enzymes which can remove patches of fake tan when rubbed into your skin. A quick fix for when you're looking a bit like an orange leopard.

Some of these life changers could definitely save you when you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. My favorite and most helpful out of these tips has got to be the easy way to break in leather shoes. Living in Dr Martens means it's highly likely that I'll need to use this to break in my tougher pairs, so I'll give this a go and if it works or helps even slightly, that'll be amazing!


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