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Hullo, my Pixels!

Time to continue on with my collection of jewellery all dedicated to my stretched ears. This second part covers plugs - which are just the solid, filled in pieces of jewellery to 'plug' the hole in your ear. I really like plugs because you can have so many unique and creative designs on them, there's bound to be something for everyone! Again, like in the first instalment of these posts, I'll link you to the plugs online (when possible).

16mm || 5/8"

  • White silicone spiral design plug - I wasn't sure whether I should have included this with the tunnels or the plugs as it's not completely solid like plugs usually are, it's kind of in between the two. I've always thought it looks kind of like an @ symbol though, not sure why.
  • Green 'cat eye' twist steel plug - being made out of steel, it's a pretty hefty piece to have in your ear all of the time. The design does look pretty awesome when it's in your ear though because it's an alien/cat eye.
  • Black steel star plug - again, I had a similar problem with this one as I did with the white spiral plug mentioned earlier. I really couldn't decide whether it belonged in this post or the one about tunnels, but here it is. I really like how this looks in the ear, I really like the simplicity of it, but it's a two part twist plug. Usually, that's not a problem, but this one is really difficult to screw together correctly, and sometimes it nips my ear when I'm trying to put it in.
14mm || 9/16"

  • Gir and Stimpy steel double flared plugs - I bought these from a website called Plug Your Holes when they were doing limited edition 90s cartoon theme plugs. I couldn't resist getting them; I absolutely loved Invader Zim and Ren & Stimpy when I was younger, so I didn't mind paying the higher than usual price for them as a little treat to myself.
  • Blue marble double flared plug - thought this was lovely when I bought it as you can see through it and see all of the different layers of colors and between you and I, I really like blue/greeny colors.
  • White and black marble double flared plug - I was given this one from a friend, and it's actually the plug version of a 16mm tunnel I mentioned in my other post, so I liked having the matching pattern.
10mm || 3/8"

  • Red fabric effect plug - I wasn't sure about this one when I bought it, but it looks super nice in the ear. Very easy two part threaded plug though.
  • Fuchsia organic stone plug - surprisingly cheap, even though it's an actual stone carved into the correct 'saddle' shape. They're very good to have in your ears, as they're a natural material instead of plastic or silicone.
8mm || 1/3"

  • White plastic moon and stars plugs - these were given to me as a birthday present many, MANY years ago. I wish I could get a bigger pair now after watching Game of Thrones, because if any of you watch it (I'll be surprised if you don't!) then you'll know how cute moon & stars really is.
  • Opalescent saddle plug - this was also a gift from many years ago. Looking back at it, I really wanna get a bigger version of this because it's such a pretty pearl color/effect.
6mm || 1/4"

  • Clear acrylic zebra pattern double flared plug - this actually snapped in half when I took it out of my ear *little cry* but I still kept it. The zebra pattern is in the middle of the plug and is reflected throughout as the shape is curved. Always wanted a plug this pattern, so it was a shame when it broke.

Whew, so there you go, that's all of the plugs I have. I swear this seemed longer than it really is, but I hope you enjoyed part two of the plug collection. Stay tuned for part three, coming soon!



  1. Pretty pieces! Would love it if you could check out my blog too xo

    Aliona |

    1. Thanks very much! Your blog looks so inviting, I'll follow you on Bloglovin'. c: ♥

  2. Thanks very much! Your blog looks so inviting, I'll follow you on Bloglovin'. c: ♥

  3. Thanks very much! Your blog looks so inviting, I'll follow you on Bloglovin'. c: ♥


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