Product Inspection | Simple 'Kind to Skin' Light Moisturiser

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Eeee, are you as excited as I am for my first beauty review?! I can tell you're strongly nodding your head in agreement. Today we'll be looking at the Simple Light Moisturiser which is part of their 'Kind to Skin' range. My skin is definitely the normal combination skin type, but I've been thinking about buying a moisturiser for ages as I get quite dry skin around my nose and on my cheeks where my freckles are, and that's when I came across this. I actually bought this in Lidl for £1.99, so even cheaper than it should be! I thought that was the perfect opportunity to try it out as it was such a low price. You can buy it in Boots currently for £3.99, and I'm sure other places sell it for roughly the same price, too.

Simple's 'Kind to Skin' range is their standard line of skincare products; it includes several different lotions and potions to cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate your skin, as well as finishing touches for extra protection. They're perfect to use on a daily basis as Simple are known for using basic ingredients to achieve the best skincare possible - hence their name 'Simple', whilst also being perfect for any of you out there with sensitive skin issues.

Also, let's just take a quick look at the packaging. The box mirrors the labeling on the bottle, as well as having extra information about what's included in the product on the back and sides. I've always liked the green and white color scheme Simple use as it gives everything a very natural vibe. However, I do sometimes find that this bottle in particular is a bit difficult to squeeze and get enough moisturiser out of, so I'd personally have preferred this to be in a soft, squeezy tube-like bottle, especially as you can cut those types of bottles in half when you've nearly ran out of product and scoop out what's left without wasting any.

When you squeeze it out of the bottle, the moisturiser itself looks rather thick, but it really isn't (the clue is in the name - light moisturiser). As soon as you start applying it to your skin, it appears as quite a sheer cream and melts into the skin well. I personally don't like the feel of thick moisturisers on my skin, so I was happy that this actually had a light consistency.

I wasn't too pleased with the scent of this moisturiser, but I feel like I can't really punish Simple for this as they purposely leave their products with no artificial perfumes added. I'm not too bothered by the generic moisturiser smell, so it's easy for me to get over.

And tadaaaah! Nice and fresh-faced after using just the Simple 'Kind to Skin' Light Moisturiser. Overall, I honestly liked this product; it does the job! I no longer had any dry skin around my nose/cheeks, and it lasted for the majority of the day. Also, my face feels a lot fresher after applying the moisturiser, and it gives me a really healthy glow, but still matte finish, to my skin.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and if you've got any moisturiser recommendations for me or thoughts on the Simple ranges, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. Used to use this a few years ago but eventually got bored of it. Simple products are very good for your skin, I think after a while the moisturiser just didn't work so well on me. Great review :)

    1. I can see how it's quite easy to get bored of it as a product, just because it is so basic. I should really use it more than I do, I always forget. But thanks for sharing, and thank you. :3 ♥

  2. Looks like a really great product,it surely made your face glow(: thanks for sharing xoxo

  3. I can see how it's quite easy to get bored of it as a product, just because it is so basic. I should really use it more than I do, I always forget. But thanks for sharing, and thank you. :3 ♥

  4. Thank you very much! :3 ♥

  5. Great review, i have tried this product before and really liked it too!
    If your skin tends to get even more dryer in those areas in the winter i would highly recommend the Nivea regenerating night cream, i generally have a normal skin type but in the colder months i get dry patches and this works wonders and clears them up in no time :)

  6. Thanks very much! And oooh, I might have to check that out when if I struggle with the dry patches in Winter - thanks for the handy suggestion. c: ♥

  7. Hello, I have nominated you for the 'Liebster Nomination Award'. Please check my blog to find out more :)


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