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Hullo, my Pixels!

We're ever so close to the end of this series now, only one part left to go after this - and don't worry, it's a lot shorter than all of the others have been. You can find part 2 of the series here, if you haven't seen it already! These are probably the most awesome looking... things in my collection, but they're sooo impractical most of the time. Sadly, I haven't bought any of these online, they're all from local shops, but I'm sure it's possible to find similar styles on piercing jewellery websites.
12mm || 1/2"

Left photo:
  • Multi-colored wooden spiral - surprisingly, this is pretty comfy once in the ear. It's wooden so very lightweight, but I'm very certain it's coated in something for protection. Spirals can get caught up in your hair quite easily if your hair covers your ears, so beware of that.
Right photo:
  • Green pencil - a friend bought this for me, just because I couldn't get over the novelty of having a pencil in my ear! Green is one of my favorite colors, so ofcourse I had to get it in green. The clear o-rings are a pretty good idea for this kind of novelty plug, too.
10mm || 3/8"

  • Green marble acrylic spiral - this is actually known as 'the Seahorse'. A friend thought it looked like a seahorse, and one day we stuck two eyes on it and it was just too perfect.

8mm || 1/3"

  • Black and blue spirals - these bad boys here are the reason why I just couldn't stay at 6mm - naughty! I just thought they were too pretty not to buy when I was in Norwich, especially as they haven't actually got the same pattern. So they're kind of a pair, but not really? They pretend to be!

6mm || 1/4"

  • Glass glitter buffalo horn - I miss not being able to wear something like this because it's extremely pretty, especially as it's made from glass so it's very lightweight. The buffalo horn shape would be too difficult to wear at 16mm, it'd constantly be getting caught and tangled on everything. What a shame. :'c
4mm || 5/32"

Left photo:
  • Black and white stripe spirals - they're so cute and tiny, but the pattern seriously reminds me of zebras. All of the tiny pairs of spirals in my collection are very simplistic compared to my other pieces; my cousin gave them all to me as she didn't need them any more.
Right photo:
  • Translucent blue spirals - extremely simple design, all just the one color - but it is a very nice blue color.
3mm || 1/8"

Left photo:
  • Black spirals - I really like this pair, the black makes them look so elegant considering they're a big swirly thing in your ear.
Right photo:
  • Black curved spike - I don't know why I never had more of these to stretch up; they make so much more sense than the straight stretchers as the curve means it doesn't stick out as much!

Thought I'd include a more detailed photo of the last little spirals as I forgot to include them in the main picture - silly me. Part three is well and truly over with; the fourth and final part will be coming in two weeks time, so keep an eye out for that!



  1. I like the 10mm multi-green one. I'm not looking to get my ears plugged, but I can admire cool accessories. :] // ♢ ☼ ☽

  2. Ahh, you're the fan of the seahorse one, too! I can understand that though, because even before I started stretching my ears, everything looked so much prettier than normal earrings. Thank you! c: ♥

  3. Aw they're all so pretty!

  4. That's what I thought, too, so thanks. :'D ♥

  5. Beautiful post dear!


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