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Hullo, my Pixels!

I took this photo a while ago, but the berries reminded me so much of Autumn, especially the way they're not just one tone of red; they're all crinkled and bruised. I definitely had to use it for one of the days in Blogtober as it was just too perfect for Autumn.

Fall Fashion //

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion by rainbowriots

This Polyvore creation is perfect for summing up what I see as 'fall fashion'. Even though I don't own any pieces in this color, mustard yellow has become one of my favorite fashion colors for Autumn this year. The jumper looks extremely cosy, ready for the colder weather. The trousers are actually on my wishlist, but I'm going to try on a similar pair first to see if I can actually wear them well without looking like I have a very large bum... ahem. I found the dress whilst scrolling on Polyvore, and just thought it was super cute! The white accent of the collar and belt make it perfect for the transition weather from Summer to Autumn, as it doesn't feel quite ready to give up Summer just yet.

Now, I'm not mad on beauty products, but when I think of Autumn, I actually get excited about all of the dark plummy, berry shades coming back with force. A dark colored lip, as well as nail varnish, is my perfect combination just because it's so dramatic, I love it.

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  1. I love the mustard shade for autumn, super cute! I have a old cardigan from Topshop in it and love wearing it this time of year

  2. I'd love to find a really nice mustard piece, but I just don't know whether it'd suit me as much as I like it on other people. ♥

  3. Victoria Nightingale16 October 2014 at 17:09

    I love the shape of that jumper, it's so cute :3

  4. I really liked it, too, the bigger sleeves are so nice. c: ♥

  5. I adore this color. The chunky sweater & checkered pants are spot on. I'd wear this look in a heartbeat. :] // ☼ ☯

  6. I'd absolutely love to be able to wear it! Maybe if I'm lucky and can pull it off. :'D ♥

  7. I always love dark, berry shades on my lips! Such a junkie - although I am also not huge on beautify products.

    Loving the yellow shades for Autumn too - enjoy!!

    New follower on GFC xxx

  8. The only two lipsticks I own are an extremely dark berry and a bright red. Yellow always reminds me of happiness, too. Thank you for the comment! :3


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