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Hullo, my Pixels!

It might sound ridiculous, but I seriously don't have a typical 'fear', I'm not scared of a physical thing, it's more the things I think about late at night which scare me. I've never had a massive loss in my life with family members or friends, no one has even become seriously ill before, so I'm really fearful of when that day eventually comes. I consider myself extremely lucky that the biggest loss I've ever had is losing one of my pet cats, which I know is a lot different to most people.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. OMG, me too! Aside from the bullies or backstabbers that I encountered, I've never face anything that is something so fearful. I'm also afraid if that day will come :(

    Psstt, I follow you, if you follow me maybe I'll be happy! Though I do not force you or anything :)

    Snow Life & Beauty

  2. I really love the idea of "blogtober"! great blog!

  3. I would say there are a few things I fear, on a small scale, such as spiders etc but my biggest fear is death. I don't want to get all morbid on your blog post. Lol. But that scares me greatly. More me dying than the death of others... This intensified after I had my son.

    Side note: Love the opening image you included in this post.
    Bits & Bobs

  4. Blogtober has actually been really fun so far! Thank you. c: ♥

  5. Bullying is never good, that can definitely be quite scary! Hopefully the day we fear won't be anytime soon for either of us. ♥

  6. Gosh, that's scary as well. You never really wanna think about something like that happening, especially when you've got a child to think about! But thank you very much - I took it a long time ago, but it seemed very fitting for what I was talking about. (: ♥


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