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Hullo, my Pixels!

Today I had a really good day, so the prompt of happiness seemed too fitting. I made my parents and I dinner tonight, which is a new thing, but they really enjoyed the meal (macaroni and cheese with squash and spinach, if you're wondering) so that put me in a great mood. The photo of the dragonfly is also something I'm extremely proud of, as I think it looks super interesting, and I felt lucky to be able to get such a photo.

Things That Make Me Happy //
  • Reading: I adore books so much, I find it so easy to become lost in a book and its wonderful story. My favorite series of all time is the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series which is what the TV program, True Blood, is based on. Love the TV program as well as the books, so an all round winner!
  • Watching TV/films: I spend waaaaay too much time on Netflix, like probably a lot of us do, we're just afraid to admit it. I don't really own many DVDs, but I'd dread to think how many total hours I've spent watching movies and things when I'm meant to be doing something else.
  • Kitties: I don't think I'll ever be able to understand people who don't like pets. Splodge (the one pictured) is one of my three cats, but he's well and truly my cat. Cats always know when you're feeling ill, or a bit down, and come to your rescue to make you feel a tiny bit better by them just being there.

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