Halloween Gift Ideas

Halloween Gift Ideas
Hullo, my Pixels!

I thought I'd do a slightly new post today, ready for Fright Night AKA Halloween. I always find myself trawling through gift/homeware websites, imagining how if I actually had a house of my own, how many of those items would be finding their way into my basket. Seriously though, I can't be the only one who gets excited over rainbow kitchen utensils?

[x] ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE £11.99 I'm pretty sure everyone has atleast one friend who is obsessed with horror/zombie apocalypse style films or programs (my weakness is the Walking Dead). This Zombie Survival Guide could be an awesome present for that one friend so they can be more prepared for when the end is nigh!

[x] ZOMBIE HEAD MUG £8.44 Haven't we all wanted to look like we're taking sips of our favorite drink from a zombie head? Duhh! An awesome idea for around Halloween time, especially if you make a red colored drink; it'd really look like you're drinking the poor zombies brain blood then.

[x] ZOMBIE SLIPPERS £19.99 These are too awesome! Surprisingly, stepping into a massive zombie mouth looks quite comfortable and cosy, perfect for the coming Winter months after Halloween.

[x] INSECT LOLLIES £4.99 If you're the kind of person who's planning on throwing a Halloween-themed party, these insect lollies would be an easy way to add a bit of fun. There's no way I'd eat them because it obviously goes against being a vegetarian because they're real insects - yes real, but I'm sure some people would have pleasure in saying they've eaten a scorpion lolly.

[x] BLOOD ENERGY DRINK £4.99 Paired with the insect lollies, these fruit punch flavored blood pouches would make a great accompaniment to a Halloween food table. Also they're energy drinks, so they'll give you some extra energy to get through a night of good horror/Halloween films.

[x] ZOMBIE GNOMES £14.99 I honestly really liked these. I could imagine these placed in your garden to look super spooky. They're a lot more interesting than just the stereotypical pumpkin ornaments and skull decorations.

[x] BLEEDING SKULL CANDLE £19.99 Obviously going to be a bit of a messy candle, so not entirely practical, but it'd look too cool not to pass up. The multi-purpose use of this is great; you can have a frightful table decoration, or light the candle to add an eerie flicker to the room and give the skull a lovely, bloody eye socket.

I hope you've found some inspiration in this post for decoration ideas, or even Halloweeny treats for a friend. I've realised though, that using a recipe I made earlier (here) you could totally change the lemon curd for strawberry curd and decorate in a scarier Halloween style to create super tasty, blood-oozing biscuits. Yummy! I might actually try that idea out myself now I've thought of it, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy your Halloween!



  1. Aw what a lovely seasonal post I just did one too lol

    My fav out of these are the Zombie slippers, love anything zombie I'm obsessed with walking dead lol . Lovely post <3


  2. I love the Walking Dead, too, it's such a great program! The slippers are pretty awesome, but thank you, thanks for commenting! c: ♥


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