Blogtober | Share a Secret About You

Hullo, my Pixels!

I found this prompt a lot more difficult compared to yesterday's Blogtober, and I thought that one was going to be the toughest! I've been sat thinking about this one for about two days now, and then I realised that even though I might not have many personal 'secrets', a lot of things people in person know about me, the blogging world obviously doesn't get to see that side, which suddenly made it a whole lot easier.

The Hoarder Within //

Whenever I look around my room, it really hits me how much... stuff I actually own. It's more like organised clutter though; I don't need all of the stuff I have (mainly several different collections and stuffed toys) but I like to have it there because I can. It probably looks like a lot of unnecessary things to another person, but it's just some of the 'secret stuff' which makes my room exactly that - my room.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Do you have any little trinkets which make your bedroom entirely unique to you?



  1. This prompt was definitely the hardest so far! Yours is a great answer though. + your room looks great!

  2. That's exactly what I thought! I'm such an open person, so there aren't many secrets to actually tell. But thank you very much! c: ♥


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